Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy, I don't like Busy.

Too start I owe you all a video so here it is! Something Corporate - "Konstantine" Live @ The House of Blues Boston, MA I have been on a "concert hangover" since thursday. I want to see soco live again. It was definitely the best concert I have gone too. Since thursday I have been extremely busy. Friday was tiring to say the least. I went to dover with Dan & Josh. We met up with Kerriann, Lauren, & Clara at a house that Clara was watching. It was a great time! We were children haha. Ate a bunch of food, played games. Hide & Seek in the dark was probably the best. The ride home was hilarious because apparently Dover center has a speed limit of 20MPH (though it's a posed 30)... I got pulled over on the smallest road ever and couldn't find my registration. I eventually found it and all the cop asked was how much I drank. Clearly I was drinking a lot in between dinner and Hide & Seek! Josh prayed before we got pulled over and I am convinced that I didn't get a ticket for that reason... It was hard enough explaining what someone from BEVERLY was doing in "the middle of nowhere - Dover" Saturday I headed down to Millville for a "Man-Night" at Jasons. I killed everyone in Poker then lost to everyone the second game! I didn't get home until 1am... being able to sleep in was the best part! I just got out of church. Playing drums was awesome... Jenna picked some AWESOME SONGS and Neil's sermon hit me hard. I am so blessed to live in such an amazing community! God is so good! ... busy week ahead!

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