Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why, Who, What?

It's official... I have entered the world of blogging. Some of you might be asking "what the crap do you have to talk about that is so important." To give you a completely honest answer... EVERYTHING... (that's a joke). I honestly have nothing important to say on here. This blog is intended to be nothing more than random things that happened throughout my day(s) and probably a whole bunch of music that I am addicted to at that very moment. I am excited to share with you the music portion of the blog more so then the actual "day-to-day" part.I must say I am already searching for words to type out and I am going to continue thinking while typing in a long sentence...My Past week... I have definitely realized how important community is this week. Friends are amazing and the community I live in challenges me more than anything else in my life. I desire so much to be a man chasing after God and I am surrounded by people who desire the not just the same thing for their lives but mine too. It's an amazing experience when shares in your desire.I got promoted to Retail Sales Manager (ya!) it's a pretty big move. I'm a little nervous because I am the head of the busiest store in the District but other than that I know I can do it. Only thing I am nervous about is being the go to guy when things go wrong... usually when you're the manager and things go wrong, YOU'RE the one who has to take all the blame. I will just have to keep mistakes at a minimum and manage by example.Now to the fun part... MUSIC!!!!Recently I have been listening to a variety of music and by recently I mean since I was born... I came out of the womb listening to drum corp so you will see some of that on this site.The first video/artist I want to share with you is going to be Ben Rector and his cover of "Free Falling". This song is AWESOME. Enjoy it and let me know what you think!


  1. Did Jenna share this with you? He is not a very known musician up here, and I discovered him in Oklahoma 3 years ago... so I was wondering how did you get to him?


  2. Jenna did share him with me! I am glad you discovered him and passed him on to Jenna. If not, this entry would be lame.

  3. listen, i would have found ben rector with or without erica.
    he's bff with all my fave musicians. but yeah, i'm pretty sure i first remember listening to him in guatemala....go figure.

  4. sick video. very creative and fresh. I'm glad Jenna told Erica who told Jon because now I know too.