Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take me down to the water's edge...

It's 2am... First things first. This blog is more confusing because of the way the layout inserts my entries. I actually type in paragraphs but the layout is apparently against the whole idea of that... So on... My life has taken a turn for the better. I am actually in Norwood right now, watching my parents house. I watched the movie "Letters to God" tonight. I was blown away! I heard a ton of girls talking about how they saw it and sobbed for hours after... Well I am another sob story. I'm not much of a fan of "Gospel Promoting" main screen movies... You're probably thinking "what is wrong with you?" Well to answer you... I find that the majority of these movies are filled with bad acting and it becomes hard for me to focus through that... just my opinion though! However, I loved "Letters to God" it was the most powerful movie I have ever seen. Just watching how one kid with Cancer can touch THOUSANDS of people across the world is insane. He never gave up, EVER. He truly believe that He was sent by God to live and no matter what His life looked like (cancer or not) he was going to live according to God's will. The concept that hit me so hard was that this kid wasn't writing letters to God for personal healing. He was writing/praying for OTHERS. In the midst of his pain he put others first. That is an example of Christ! I am blown away.... I don't have much else to say but I do have MUSIC...

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  1. So good!! You're right Jon! It really motivates me to live more for the purposes of God and not my own selfish agenda!
    Good movie!

    ..cry baby :)